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We regret that following the Government announcement today, 30th December 2020, Carnglaze has to close until further notice as we are now in Tier 3. Refunds will be issued for all who have booked and cannot now come. We look forward to seeing you in better times in 2021.
Thank you for such an educational and fun day. The combination of science and geography makes an activity packed day Dobwalls School

The Dresser Shape the rock I’ve got a lot in stock Then I got an awful shock Someone locked me in And I fell over a rock If I get out I would scream & shout And then I’d eat a dozen sprouts Emma W age 7 Class Three

I thought it was going to be scary in the caverns but it wasn’t, it was great. Demelza age 7

If a class teacher is looking for a trip to combine science, geography, local history, fantasy and natural history then look no further KP Toft Teacher

This was a very interesting place. Loved the underground lakes and the history of them. Didn’t know it was there but glad to find it. Tranquil and beautiful area

The friendliness of the staff and overall are good value. Am looking forward to going back in the spring when the bluebells are out.

It was a fascinating and fantastic place indeed! I think it would be great for anyone. Recommended visit about = 1 hour. One starts “on the top” level where there is an array of old tools, and different ores and gem stones available to look at. There was even some Uranium Ore, which was a pleasant surprise to see in a public place such as this; don’t worry though, the Primary Radiation of Uranium is in the form of “Alpha” rays which would be stopped by the see through perspex. When one finished viewing the “top” floor, it was a walk down some stairs (not too difficult) to the amazing cavern below. There were some examples of how the miners mined, among other things. But the very best bit were the water features. The smaller of the two pools, I visited first, and I would strongly recommend the same, so the second pool gives greater awe later. I am a water fan, and this was too good an opportunity to waste! The water is so pristine, untouched, and still it is an incredible sight to behold. I then went to the second pool, WHICH IS HUGE AND EVEN MORE AMAZING!. The colour of the water is extraordinary. Other than science, I quite like Geology, and this place is a great place to be if that is one of your interests! The cavern really is amazing. If you are around, I think it is worth the visit! Visited July 2013

I was thoroughly impressed by these caverns. I thought the candles really made a lovely atmosphere and the underground pool was beautiful- I could have looked at the pool with the lights on for ages – the pictures don’t do it justice! There were a couple of places we would have both like to have seen a bit more but obviously without disturbing the bats it’s a bit tricky! It was lovely to see the stage and bar area – would be an amazing venue, and the place where people sign the register after getting married looks gorgeous! The gardens outside were beautiful and we probably spent another hour walking around them followed by a drink in the seating area. It wasn’t very expensive and the staff were really lovely, I think it is worth a visit! Visited June 2013

Visited recently with two young children. A lovely attraction and the kids enjoyed themselves. Made even better by the lady on reception who took time to explain everything and make it even more fun for the children. Lived so close for a long time but never visited, would recommend

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