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Welcome to Carnglaze Caverns

Education at Carnglaze

Any visit to Carnglaze is educational in as much as the Guided Tour of the Caverns covers elements of industry, social history and working practises, geography and geology but it is easily adapted to suit specific visits taking into account:

  • Age
  • Ability
  • Mobility
  • Language

Key Stages

Visits can be tailored to suit all Key Stages, please ring to discuss.

Rocks and Soils

This is a speciality we can offer as an introduction to Key Stage 2 science topic of Rocks and Soils. Please ring to discuss and see insert on the main Education page


Sensory day at Carnglaze

TOUCH Opportunities to touch and handle different rocks and minerals from our vast collection, plus feeling the hand tools that were used here for mining in the 19th century.
LOOK The stunning visual aspect of Carnglaze is compensated for by the use of word pictures which describe what the visually impaired cannot see.
SMELL The damp cavern air enhances smells amongst the sensory experiences.
LISTEN The excellent acoustics of the Rum Store are contrasted by the echoing acoustics of the lakeside in the third cavern.
TASTE The fresh spring water from the lake can be tasted at the end of the tour.

The local scouts group planted a Sensory Garden in the terrace garden which will be accessible for wheelchair users.

Creative Workshops at Carnglaze

The site has been described as a jewel centred in the exquisite setting of the Loveny Valley; it is an inspirational place where with 6.5 acres of woodland & 3 large Chambers would well suit workshops in:

  • Photography
  • Poetry/Prose
  • Arts & Crafts ~ Collages, bark rubbing, fridge magnets…

The top cavern known as The Rum Store has been transformed into an increasingly popular venue for performances from all types of music, theatre & entertainment. The stage may be used for workshops in:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Film

Story Telling at Carnglaze

For younger children we can take them on A Bear Hunt! Through the woods with the wonderful words of Michael Rosen & inspired by the glorious pictures of Helen Oxenbury in “We’re going on a bear hunt”

We have the story of Hubert the Hobbit and the Tale of the Trolls Treasure for those interested in the Faery Dell and faery tales.

Or bring your own choice of story – we really can adapt to suit.

Many opportunities for extension work back in the classroom:

  • Hands on
  • Variety
  • Fun

Carnglaze Promoting Inclusivity

Concerts and Events are held in the Rum Store (top cavern) which has excellent acoustics and is fully wheelchair accessible.
Low mobility car parking.
Adapted toilet facilities & carer/child changing area.
Special tours for the blind and partially sighted.
Sensory Tours can include any or all of the 5 senses
By special arrangement a large flat screen plasma TV could be installed in the top cavern for any mobility impaired visitors. This will enable them to enjoy the second half of the tour which involves descending a flight of steps, to access the 2nd & 3rd caverns where there is a beautiful blue-green lake.
The gardens have picnic areas where everyone could enjoy their lunch surrounded by birdsong and the occasional scampering squirrel!


The Dresser
Shape the rock
I’ve got a lot in stock
Then I got an awful shock
Someone locked me in
And I fell over a rock
If I get out I would scream & shout
And then I’d eat a dozen sprouts
By Emma W age 7 Class Three

Dobwalls School

If a class teacher is looking for a trip to combine science, geography, local history, fantasy and natural history then look no further
KP Toft Teacher

Thank you for such an educational and fun day. The combination of science and geography makes an activity packed day
Dobwalls School

I thought it was going to be scary in the caverns but it wasn’t, it was great.
Demelza age 7

We would like to thank you for your most interesting talk & guided tour of the Rum Store and Carnglaze Caverns. We all agreed it was one of the most enjoyable trips we have had.
L Puckey Echo Disability Resource Centre


Call 01579 320251 10am ~ 5pm Mon ~ Sat and we can discuss your individual needs,


Educational Visits Pricing:

Under 10 children Adults £7 Children £5 Normal Entry Prices
Over 10 children Children £5 Supervising adults FOC
Over 20 children Children £4.50 Supervising adults FOC

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