Mad Dog Mcrea

with support from The Sounds of Sirens

Friday 6th March 2015 at 8:00 pm

Adults £13.50



Mad Dog Mcrea blend a unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music. From self-penned songs of adventure, drinking, love and life, to traditional songs of gypsies, fairies, legless pirates and black flies – Mad Dog never fail to capture their audience with their infectious songs.

Jiggery folkery, hokery pokery………… Mad Dog Mcrea raise hands, lift feet and start parties wherever they play with their spellbinding recipe of folk, pop, rock, jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music. Whisking up whistles, fiddles and mandolins to collide in a spectacular explosion of infectious fun, they demand you to dance.

Thanks to three storming gigs at Glastonbury 2013 (notably the Avalon Stage), the release of their official video ‘Happy Bus’, regular radio play by esteemed folk such as Mike Harding, and in no small part the utter dedication of their huge fan base – momentum is definitely gathering pace.

Mad Dog Mcrea’s name is firmly established on the live music scene, and they are in huge demand from festivals, live music venues and traffic wardens across the country.

The famous purple happy bus is fired up and ready for action, and there’s room for you – jump aboard!

The Mad Dog Mcrea line up:
Michael Mathieson – guitar/vocals
Dan Crimp – whistles & flutes
Graham Anderson – banjo/mandolin
Nicky Powell – fiddle
Jimi Galvin – bass
Pete Chart – drums

Mad Dog are acclaimed, not only for their music but for the off stage antics that seems to surround them. One such story, which has become local folklore in Donegal, Ireland saw the Mad Dogs under the influence of the local moonshine, returning from a festival in the dead of night on their newly refurbished and very plush tour bus. Confused and very lost they decided to park their large bus off-road on a nearby beach. Parking very close to the water’s edge they continued to party inside the bus until the little hours blissfully unaware of the rapidly rising Atlantic tide. The bus began to sink in the sand as the ocean quickly engulfed the inside of the bus. Realising their predicament the band proceeded to vacate the bus and swim to safety. As the bus disappeared under the Atlantic waves the drenched and dazzled band could only look on as their equipment and instruments sunk into the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. All was lost that night except a vague memory of the incident, the hats on their heads and The Music…

The famous purple happy bus is fired up and ready for action, and there’s room for you – jump aboard!

“This is rowdy, heartfelt, room shaking, spirit-stirring music that only the dead can’t enjoy.”

“It’s always a joy to me when something jumps up and smacks you between the eyes – Mad Dog Mcrea did that to me” – Mike Harding

“A sound mixed, mashed and finely honed through years of live gigs” – Rock ‘n Reel Magazine

“This is rowdy, heartfelt, room shaking and spirit-stirring music that only the dead can’t enjoy.” –

“Musical magicians Mad Dog Mcrea are synonymous not only with a damn good party but also quality musicianship and the odd surprise” – Talk Torbay



Mad Dog Mcrea will be supported by

The Sounds of Sirens

‘Sound Of The Sirens’ are a foot stomping, heart-rending, crowd engaging female Folk/rock duo whose strengths lie in their passion, conviction and chemistry. These girls know exactly how to rock a stage and make you believe every word they are singing. Individually their voices tell their own tale, and, when blended together in harmony, they will regularly have your spine tingling and leave you wanting for much more. The versatility of their song writing skills will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. They will steal your attention with furious paced, arms in the air tunes that will be in your head for days. They with silence an audience with melancholy melodies and moving, yet bitter sweet lyrics. They will take you away on their journey with their infectious catchy songs that all have elements to them that you wouldn’t find on most entire albums.

Their latest album ‘A Long Way To Fall’ (recorded at State of The Ark Studios owned by Grammy winning Terry Britten) captures the energy and songwriting ability of the girls, but to get the full ‘Siren’ sound, you must see them live. This duo’s audience rely not only on the energy and diversity of their music, but the chemistry between them as a duo and their ability to communicate on a ‘real’ level with the audience. For these girls, entertaining every audience is the only way for them. They have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and part of the whole show. The girls hold audiences in the palms of their hands from bars to festivals to theatres and music venues.

With media interest growing and support slots with up and coming bands happening, Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood are doing it the only way they know how – the real way. This has earned them a strong and loyal fan base due to their dedication and consistency.

They have grafted at their art for 6 years and grown together in harmony to create a unique, convincing and tangible act to show to the world. Their next EP, recorded at Monnow Valley Studios, will be out in June and they will continue to write, perform and let their audiences naturally grow and gain the well-deserved status that they rightly deserve.

All you need to do is get familiar with the Siren sound, and you will never look back.

To buy tickets:

Call 01579 320251

Monday ~ Saturday 10am ~ 5pm (8pm August)

You can pay by phone using Direct Debit Card,

or reserve your ticket and send a cheque to Carnglaze Caverns

or in person from the ticket office

For your information before coming to The Rum Store:

As Carnglaze is a Tourist Attraction during the day we close the site to the public at 5pm (8pm August) 

The gates will then open an hour before the performance is due to start. Please see your tickets for the performance time. 

Your pre-ordered tickets will arrive by post and have a compliment slip with a map and site information.  

If it is too late to post the tickets to you they may be collected from the Ticket Office on site before the performance.

Seating is unreserved so it is a case of first come first served!

If you need Low Mobility Parking please inform us at the time of booking as spaces are limited and must be pre-booked.  

Please remember this IS a cavern and the temperature remains at 10 deg C all year round,  so warm clothing and a cushion are recommended. 

We are a rural site so strong shoes and a small torch are also recommended. 

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